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  • Printing


    In this technic i work mostly with founded metal pieces. I´m interested in playing between qualities of material and influence of time and environment (rost, scratch, destroy, decay). This influences through structures and trails on the metal is the begining for my creativity. I make it stronger and change view of the material untill it become inspiring and rich. While working on metal, i´m using different kinds of machines and tools (flex, dremel, hummer, nails,aso.).

    Most of the works are big-sized prints. The form of work and its direction is going spontanious, sometimes material shows its natural potencial.

    I go into work and react direct on metal. It is a play between reality and abstract. Works shows time and impermanence of everything composite in some ways. My work is mostly made in series to present different posibilities of subjects like landscape, space, body and more.


    This is a classic part of my printing activity. Here i focus on things like buildings and their structures, uncompleted parts of body, abstract structures. Works here are showing these subjects from different angle. Sometimes .



    Here i work with different kinds of pensil. The idea is not to expect or plan work from the beginning. It is a kind of surprise also for me and this process in itself have posibilities to change all the time.Works are mostly structures


    This concept looks like simple sketches. It is showing usual things only as lines, without shadows.